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Perination encompasses growth and resilience. The word is derived from the botanical world and adapted from the term "Perennation" which is a plants ability to survive and flourish from one season to the next--especially in times of hardship. "Perination" symbolizes the transitions, growth, and struggles a woman faces through each season of motherhood. 

Dr.Jessica Kaffer, psychologist and perinatal mental health specialist
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We're Drs. Kaffer & Pickering
and we're so glad you're here!

We are two moms of littles with 20 years of combined experience working in mental health and wellness! We have a unique perspective of being both research-based doctorate level practitioners AND moms in the THICK of motherhood. We've created this space to support and empower you on your journey through motherhood.

The learning tools we offer and skills we teach have been found to improve your mental health, promote vitality and well being, and decrease life stress. We can't promise the journey is easy, but we can say, with a lot certainty, that it's absolutely worth it. 


Don't walk alone. We can guide you! 

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